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murió en el tsunami y dejó fortuna

El señor Wilson Bello dice que chico rico murió en el tsunami, en Phuket, y dejó fortuna para que yo me lleve una parte.
Dear Sir, With due respect and humility I send you this mail. Please I am indeed sorry bothering you but kindly permit me a brief intoduction. I believe that on the basis of my introduction you would understand the purpose of this mail.
I am a professional financial advisor on offshore and real estate investment, portfolio management with a private finance and security company in Thailand. My company work for expatriate community here in Bangkok Thailand. Meanwhile One of my client, Mr. Chin Leeyoun, a chinese Canadian business man deposited the sum of Six Million, Eight Hundred thousand United States Dollars (US$6.8M) with our company.
He made this deposited as Family Belongings/Treasures. But sadly and unfortunately, Mr. Chin Leeyoun happened to lost his life in the deadly Tsunami of December 26th 2004 in Phuket Thailand. Ever since then no close relative or next of kin has come forward to claim the money deposited with us. Therefore, My colleague and I, who are the direct fund managers have decided to move/transfer this fund into a nominated foreign account for our future investment.

To this regards, I seek your assistance and co-operation.

1. I will arrange for the deposit certificate to be changed to your name
2. I will arrange for the issueing of Transfer Authorisation of the Consignment on your name
3. Afterwhich, you will transfer the money to your private accounts.
4. You will later on, assist us in investing our own share in a lucrative business that will be profitable.

You should be rest assured that no one will question it because all financial deposit Certificates and transfer authorisation pass through my desk or my colleague for final approval to facilitate release of any consignment/payment.

NOTE: We have sit on a meeting and both agreed on the following:-

(a) That 25% of the money will be for you as reward.
(b) We mapped out 5% which will be use to balance
everybody for any expenses both for travelling and on hotel accomodation.
(c) While 70% shall be for us {My colleage and Me}.

For further details, You have to send to me :
1. Your mobile and land phone numbers.
2. Your direct fax number, this will enable me fax to you the document concerning the consignment.

This is a sensitive and private business, The knowledge of which should be restricted, therefore do not discuss this with any third party rather if you are not interested kindly inform me. Do not fear, it is not terrorist or drug money. I thank you in advance
For reasoning with me.

Looking forward to your favorable reply.
Yours sincerely,

Mr. Wilson Bello
Phone: 66 8 97617306

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