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me escribió viuda del químico ali

La viuda del ex ministro y prima de ‘Sadam Hussen' me ofrece 4.5 millones de dólares si le ayudo a invertir su dinero.
Dear Sir,
I got your mail address via business conference directory; hence I decided to contact you with this investment proposal
of mutual benefits.
I am Hajia Zainab Ali Hassan Al-Majid, the wife of the Ex–Defence Minister to Iraqi government and the first cousin to Ex. President Sadam Hussen, popularly known as ‘Chemical Ali'.
Immediately after the pronouncement of the execution verdict of my husband and others by the American influenced Iraqi Court, my husband instructed his lawyer to take me to a place where an envelop was handed over to me, when I open the envelop I discovered documents revealing where my husband deposited the sum of $18.500.000.00 (Eighteen Point Five Millions United State Dollars) with a security company as our family treasure.
Before their execution, he was able to transfer the documents of that transaction to my name and also gave me power of attorney to execute his will with the security company.
Immediately after his execution, his lawyer adviced us to leave where we have been taking refuge since he was arrested by the American soldiers to another country for our safety, hence we are also aware that we are not completely safe in the Middle East countries anymore in view of the escalation of the violent [violence] in Iraq
I have since spoken to the safety Box Company Director serverally in this regards and our discussion has been successful since they acknowledged the new developments
Since I am still being looked for by the Iraqi government and some group of people whom my husband might have stepped on their tolls, I have decided to be on a very low profile.
I am hereby seeking a trustworthy person with vast experience in business circle who will be able to assist me in receiving the aforementioned money to his/her country for onward investment into any lucrative venture of his choice.
I will be willing to offer you 25% of the total sum for assisting me in receiving the money into your country. While you will still be my adviser/guide on how the capital sum will be invested without failure.
We also intend to relocate to your country as soon as the money is finally moved to your custody in your country
Please if this proposal appeals to you, kindly send me your acceptance mail via the under listed mail address for more detailed/discussion

Yours truly,
Hajia Zainab Ali Hassan

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