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joe fofana quiere que lo ayude

Joe Fofana y su hermana, hijos de Taylor Fofana, asesor de Paul Koroma, presidente de Sierra Leona, heredaron fortuna tras muerte de su padre en la cárcel. Quiere que le ayude a iniciar un nuevo negocio en mi país. Ahora mismo viven ocultos en un campo de refugiados.
Hello Dear, We are very sorry if we have bothered you by our email.
I am Mr Joe Fofana and my sister is Joy Fofana, the first son of Taylor Fofana,
former national security advicer to the ousted Sierria Leonean military head of state, Paul Koroma. I am writing to express my interest in real estate in your country. Though my father died in detention a couple of months ago while been detained by the new government. Before his untimely death, he instructed me and my sister to leave the country for our safety and start up a business somewhere outside Africa.
The sum of (9.000.000 million ) US dollars was deposited in a Financial Firm [in]
London by my late father. We need help from you, to help us retrieve this Fund from the Financial Firm and also help us to invest it in your country and you will be sincere to invite us to your country. We are inclined to offer you 30% of the total sum as a mode of compensation for your effort after the successful retrieval of these fund to your nominated account overseas. We have all the vital documents that covers the deposit which could be faxed to you. Transaction of this nature demands the highest trust and confidence between both parties. This transaction is risk free in the sense that for your assistance in this transfer (...). Right now we are hiding in a refugee camp in Dakar Senegal.

Please kindly reply back to us.

Best regards,
Joe Fofana

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